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IGTV: Meet the new Instagram features

Instagram has been a platform that has evolved from a social network in which you shared your images to position yourself as one of the main inbound marketing opportunities for companies and brands.

From a new algorithm, to the possibility of placing links to the products of your store. Instagram bombs us in this new update with the promise of a new and improved experience for users whose main mission has been to dethrone all social networks in the market by offering a mix of Snapchat, YouTube and online shopping on a single platform.

Let's start big with what has caused a stir and is the star of the new update Instagram TV or as many have called IGTV.

  1. Instagram TV: IGTV is an application that you can access from Instagram or from your own app and you can enjoy videos in full screen and vertically up to 1 hour. How does it work? Once the application is opened, it immediately starts to play the published content of the people you follow in your Instagram feed and it works similarly to the stories. You can swipe to change the channel and discover more content between the categories "For you", "Popular", "Following" and "Continue watching". In the same way you can comment, like and send the content to your friends via Direct Message.
  2. Share stories mentioned: since Instagram has the function of story Snapchat has been eclipsed by this application and now even more. If with the arrival of Gifs, filters, hashtag, location and other tools to make your state more flashy and interactive was not enough, with this update you can now repost a story in which they made mention and publish it in your story in a simple way and without having to do screenshot. This new option is a wonderful tool for companies and of course the Community Manager, since you can share the experiences of your clients saving you the embarrassing experience of knowing that you have taken capture of your publications and most importantly, you save time and capacity in your phone to not have to oversaturate it with thousands of screenshot that remain in the forgotten folder until you decide to delete them.
  3. New Algorithm: although nobody can really decipher how this algorithm works, there are certain factors that we know that influence whether an image appears or not at the beginning of the screen. In order to spend more time in the app watching relevant content and thought about those publications of friends and family that you've been missing Instagram takes into account these 3 factors:

    • The feedback that the user has with your content: that is, if a person interacts a lot with your publications, there is a greater chance that your posts will appear in your feed.
    • The antiquity of the publication: the newer the post will have more priority.
    • Instagram knows your tastes: if a user has an interest in content such as your account, the likelihood of Instagram prioritizing your images increase.
  4. Shopping labels in the stories: shopping labels are a new tool that allows companies and qualified stores to tag their products in the images and videos of their stories with a direct link to the purchase page of the same. Providing a new and quick shopping experience. Now if you see an image of Kylie Jenner and you like the lipstick she uses, if she puts this purchase label on you, you will have the option to buy that product as simple as just giving a click.
  5. Story Music: in the same way that you can place gif images in your stories you will also have the possibility to place music in your Instagram stories. Although this option is only available in some countries and IOS is already a fact that soon you can put rhythm to your stories.
  6. Video calls: if it is not enough to communicate long distance by video calls on whatsapp or Facebook Messenger or in the case of old school using Skype. Instagram gives you the opportunity to do it through your platform. This new feature available for both Android and IOS gives you the opportunity to make group calls if you wish.

If something has shown this social network is that no matter how hard you try to understand and learn all the tools and options that gives you this application, the moment you master it all will have already taken another 10 updates that will blow your head . Whether you like to use the application or you are a company that uses it to boost your brand and products, we recommend you try these new functions as they will help you position yourself at the top of the digital food chain.


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