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Instagram and Facebook Shop

Did you know that you can sell through Instagram and Facebook without your client leaving your preferred social network?

It integrates with your website and your customers can easily navigate through your products from Instagram or Facebook and buy quickly from your mobile in the comfort of your home.

Is it necessary to have a website? - Yes.

We link in a single inventory the catalog of your website with Instagram and Facebook and we allow the user to have a unique experience with shopping tags in the images of your social networks.


Your customers can buy your products from anywhere, be it home, work or the beach.

Buy has never been so fast, just by clicking on the labels you have direct access to the product.

Without SEO
Get thousands of direct visits to your website through your social networks.

For segmented audience
Create connections and reach your potential customers by offering your products to millions of buyers.

Increase the presence of your brand by connecting quickly and easily with your customers.

Increase your sales
By providing more shopping facilities to your users.

How to do it?
  1. Connect your WooCommerce store with Facebook. To do this you must create a Facebook Shop and configure the Facebook pixel. In the shop configuration, when you create it, you enable the option to buy in an external link and link it to your Wordpress.
  2. There are Wordpress plugins that perform automatic synchronization between Wordpress and Facebook Shop, importing all the products from your website to the Facebook shop catalog (use the one that best suits your needs).
  3. Once your catalog is synchronized with the web, Facebook takes approximately 24 hours or more depending on the number of products to check that everything is in order and approve it, this process is automatic.
  4. In case a product is not approved for sale you can see it in the Facebook catalog and the reasons why it is not approved or if it contains an error.
  5. Finally, you must have a business account on Instagram that is synchronized with your Facebook page where you have the catalog (it is important that you are the administrator), by having this Facebook will automatically detect your catalog and verify your account.
Requirements for Instagram Shop approval:
  • Have a company profile.
  • Have a Fan Page on Facebook.
  • Have published at least 9 previous publications.
  • Have downloaded the latest version of Instagram.
  • Sell ​​physical products on an official website.
  • Integrate your catalog on Facebook.
Should I send you a notification or complete a form to approve the Instagram Shop?

No, Instagram automatically detects when you have a catalog on Facebook and verifies it. There is no estimated date of how many days it takes to approve or not, and neither does it inform you if it did. When approving the store they enable you the product labeling function in Instagram Shop, so you should be aware of any changes in the application every day.

Drive your business with these facilities offered by social networks to improve your sales and have direct communication with your customers quickly and easily.

What are you waiting for to join the new digital shopping experience?

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