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The importance of Google Business

Google My Business is a Google tool designed to grow your business easily and that customers around you locate you quickly.

Have you noticed that when you do a Google search for a specific restaurant or business, you will see a listing of a business with its name, schedule and information? It gives you a result similar to this.

Screen Shot 2019 07 25 at 4.38.39 PM

Those tabs are different Google My Business accounts. If you own a business you can register and create a card of yours that will appear as an organic search in local search and Google Maps.

¿Why is it so important?

Local positioning
It allows you to position yourself in search engines and connect with your customers quickly and easily.

Connection with your customers
You can keep them informed about your business offers, the schedule, the services you offer and they can even see and share photos of your store and services.

Location on Maps
Your customers can know how to get to your business with just one click, saving time and without having to contact you.

You can also get statistics with feedback on how they find your business and find out what interests customers in order to form a sales strategy.

The tool is totally FREE, so you don't pay anything and you get thousands of benefits.

Another important function offered by the tool is that of reviews, your customers can give your opinion about your business and rate from 1 to 5 stars, which gives users more confidence and has a great weight when deciding which service to use because they will be guided by what others think about your business.

The latest in Google my business is the possibility of having a web page, ideal for start-up businesses and small businesses that cannot afford a web development. It allows you to have a basic page with different themes and simple fonts and adaptable to any type of business.

If you do a good job and the more information you share in your listing about your business you will have more chances to have a good SEO positioning and be number 1 in searches for free.

What do you expect to create your Google My Business profile?