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New prices and Google Map policies

On July 16, 2018 Google announced some modifications and usage policies for Google, these new changes caused a stir among the developers since the Google Maps APIS went from being free to a paid service.

What is a Google Maps Api?

Api is an Application Programming Interface that allows programmers to integrate google functions into their websites or apps. In the case of Google Maps, the Api allows you to place a functional Google map on your website.

Does this affect end users?

The answer is no, you can continue to use Google Maps for free as a user. These changes only affect developers and have a cost if you make a lot of use of the api.

Google Maps changes

Billing information: Now to activate and use the API you must include your billing information and affiliate a credit card. (In case you have one set up on your website you must also include this information or else it will stop working)

Google Cloud Platform Credit: You can use the $ 300 initial credit that Google Cloud offers you on your Google Maps platform.

Monthly credit of US $ 200: Every month Google gives you a monthly credit of US $ 200 and you would pay once you exceed that limit every month.

Pagas sólo lo que utilizas: Esto quiere decir que únicamente pagarás el excedente de las acciones que los usuarios generen en tu API, es decir cuando superes el número de visitas estipuladas y se consuma el crédito de los 200 US$ mensual.

Planes para empresas: para los casos que usan de forma extensiva la plataforma Google Cloud ha desarrollado unos descuentos personalizados que le ofrece a aquellas empresas que generen mucho volumen por uso.

¿Cuánto es el equivalente en acciones al mes?

Google para facilitar un poco las matemáticas hizo una tabla de precios en las que te muestra cuánto es el equivalente monetario en acciones al crédito gratis que dispones cada mes y cuánto debes pagar aproximadamente al exceder el límite.

Google maps prices


Google currently allows you to use Maps with the free Embed API (only to display maps) and use free Maps URLs.

It is clear that Google is well aware of the power and importance of its tools to the business world today and that is why it is looking to implement ways to benefit from it (such as when you disabled the free use of Google Adwords and now forces you to create a campaign to access it). At the moment you should not worry unless you generate more views than those indicated in the table or until Google makes the decision to place its use of its fully paid platform.