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Periodic Table of Disruptive Technologies

Periodic Table of Disruptive Technologies

When we watch movies like Star Wars or The Bicentennial Man, we realize how much technology has advanced. There are elements that for that moment were dreams and that are currently part of our day to day revolutionizing the world.

Taking into account this, Imperial College London has developed a periodic table with the 100 wonderful, possible and worrying technologies that can change the world.

This table was born from the creation of a list in Wikipedia about emerging technologies, being improved in a much more advanced table that contains new technologies with the capacity to cause a social, political or economic combustion.

Divided into 2 axes, the y axis means the combustion potential from high to low. While the X axis divides it in time from closest to farthest to occur.
It is important to note that although time and disruptive ability is merely subjective, it is just as fascinating and crazy as to go unnoticed.

The Periodic Table of Disruptive Technologies is divided by 4 groups of colors, the green color includes the new technologies that are happening and the companies that are in charge of their development.

The yellow color refers to nearby technologies in an estimated 10 to 20 years and the companies that are discussing and experimenting such technologies.

The red group is likely to emerge in a distant future greater than 20 years, and companies that should follow up on the development of these ideas and explore them when appropriate.

Finally, the gray group contains what they defined as "Phantom Technologies". The latter contains lunatic thoughts about ideas that are highly unlikely and some impossible to achieve.

Here are some of the technologies mentioned in the table:

  • Robotic care companies (21).
  • Printers of human organs (46).
  • Machines with emotional knowledge (64)
  • Implantable telephones (72).
  • Invisibility shields (87).
  • Life expectancy algorithms (82).
  • Space elevators (97).

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Reference: The Table of Disruptive Technologies. Imperial College London

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